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iSPRINT (Increase SME Productivity With Infocomm Adoption & Transformation)


..Get a grant to defray costs of your infocomm project to improve or innovate your business operations. As part of the move to simplify the grant application process, IDA introduced the concept of pre-qualified infocomm packages supportable under iSPRINT. These bite-sized, ready-to-use solutions enable SMEs to start deploying IT into their operations quickly and easily. The iSPRINT (Packaged Solutions) contains a list of solutions, both Off-The-Shelf and Pay-Per-Use that meet IDA's prequalification requirements.


For who?

All small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that are registered or incorporated in Singapore with:

  at least 30% local shareholding;

  group annual sales not more than S$100M; or

  group employment size not exceeding 200 employees*.

* Computed on a group basis, i.e. checking all levels up for corporate shareholders holding more than 50% of the total shareholding in your company and any subsequent corporate parent, and all levels down in subsidiary companies.

For what?

To encourage SMEs to use technology to improve or innovate their business operations.

The infocomm project should lead to:

  increase in efficiency/ productivity

  increase in revenue

  increase in value-added human resources (HR)

However the grant does not support upgrades and enhancements for existing infocomm systems.


How much?

iSPRINT supports 2 types of projects:

  Packaged Solutions1 for basic business functions like Accounting^ and Payroll

  Customised Solutions that are tailored to your business needs

1Solutions must be pre-qualified by the Info-Communitcations Development Authority of Singapore (IDA)

1For each basic packaged solution, the subsidy is 70% of qualifying costs, capped at $2,000 on:

  Software/Subscription cost, up to 12 months

  Consultancy Services


^ Accounting Software must comply with Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) eTax Guide and listed under the IRAS Accounting Software Register

For more info

iSPRINT (Increase SME Productivity with Infocomm Adoption & Transformation) by Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore

How to apply?

You may contact us at Tel: 6220 3306 to find out more.




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