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ABSS (formerly known as MYOB) Accounting

Accounting, inventory and business management software for professional owner-operators



·       Keep track of the goods that you buy and sell

·       Manage your contact information and interactions

·       Record purchases and control your payables

See exactly what's in stock, on order and committed with MYOB Accounting's powerful inventory management system. It's fully integrated with the sales and purchases features, so your stock listing is always up to date and accurate.

Upgrade from ABSS (formerly known as MYOB) BusinessBasics and benefit from advanced invoicing and contact management features.

Ideal if you ...

·       Buy and sell goods and services on credit terms

·       Want to track cost-centre and job profitability

·       Stock items for resale


Features & benefits

Keep track of goods that you buy and sell

·       Enter item codes up to 30 characters and descriptions up to 255 characters

·       Record item information in three custom fields

·       Use graphics to help employees recognise stock at a glance

·       Track the average cost and last cost of each item

·       Print pricelists, packing slips and labels

·       Import items from other systems

·       Perform inventory stocktakes and audits

·       Report on seven years of item history - five previous years, the current year and next year

ABSS (formerly known as MYOB) Accounting automatically adjusts your inventory as you buy and sell items. You always know what's in stock:

ü Identify and purchase items that have fallen below your required stock levels.

ü Track components or sub-assemblies of items.

ü Buy and sell in different units - purchase by the case, sell individually.

Manage your contact information interactions

·       Store default sales and purchase settings for each customer and each supplier - save time whenever you enter a transaction

·       Record details of your phone calls and correspondence and set recontact dates so you follow up

·       Print mailing labels or print directly onto envelopes

·       Give identification numbers to each contact, a great feature for businesses or clubs

·       Get complete transaction history listings for each contact

ABSS (formerly known as MYOB) Accounting can record everything you need to know about your contacts:

ü Up to five addresses per contact and phone numbers and email addresses for each address.

ü Personalised letters for customer-focused marketing and communication. ABSS (formerly known as MYOB) Accounting seamlessly connects to Microsoft Office so you can communicate more efficiently with your contacts.

ü Fast access to your contact details and financial information in Microsoft Office XP and 2003 without opening your MYOB Accounting company file.

Record purchases and control your payables

·       Save recurring purchases as templates so you don't need to re-enter them each time

·       See which purchases have "early payment" discounts and pay them before the discount expires

·       Track who needs to be paid quickly

·       Print, fax and email purchases to your suppliers for faster actioning

Keep a detailed record of all items you buy and services you use. Retrieve records when needed and see which ones need to be paid.

Enter quotes and bills you receive and orders you send. As their status changes (from quote to order to bill) convert them with the click of a button.


ABSS (Formerly known as MYOB) Accounting system requirements


·       Windows® 10

·       Windows® 8.1

·       Windows® 7

·       Microsoft® Internet Explorer

·       Microsoft Office Microsoft Word 2003 to 2013 (for OfficeLink compatibility), 32-bit

·       Microsoft Excel 2003 to 2013 (for OfficeLink compatibility)

·       Microsoft Outlook 2003 to 2013, 32-bit


·       Intel core 2 Duo @ 1GHz (or more)

·       4GB RAM or more

·       Minimum 2GB free hard disk for program installation

·       Monitor with 1024 X 768 screen resolution, 32-bit colour







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