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MYOB BusinessBasics

Easy business and accounting software for small or home-based businesses



·       Invoice customers quickly

Manage your business easily

·       Track GST

Save time and effort with MYOB BusinessBasics. Keep your banking, sales and contact information in one easy-to-use system.

Track money coming in and going out and keep a detailed history of your business transactions. All your information is organised and easy to access so you can spend more time on your business, not on the books.

Ideal if you ...

ü  Run a small or home-based business


Features & benefits

Invoice customers quickly

·       Customise quotes, invoices and statements to your business look

·       Print and fax quotes

·       Put headings and subtotals wherever you like on your invoices

·       Record all your sales details, whether you invoice for goods, services, subscriptions, or memberships with MYOB BusinessBasics

·       Spend less time preparing invoices - set sales preferences for each customer

·       Email invoices to your customers so they receive them faster

BusinessBasics makes invoicing less of a headache, keeps everything organised and helps you keep an eye on your debtors.

Manage your business easily

·       New Company File and Easy Setup assistants get you up and running fast

·       Simple English terms instead of accounting jargon

·       Getting Started Guide, User Guide and built-in help files

·       Find accounts by name or number when categorising transactions - software to fit the way you work

·       Built-in checker to avoid errors, and double entries

Step-by-step assistants will help you create and set up your company details and opening balances.

Related processes are grouped together and presented in logical flowcharts - easy to find.

On-screen forms look like their paper equivalents, and each step is clear. Eg, sales are recorded in a window that looks like an invoice.

The double-entry accounting your accountant wants is taken care of for you.

Should you need it, comprehensive help is just a mouse-click away.

Track GST collected and paid automatically

·       Track GST and GST-free income and expenses, input taxed transactions, voluntary withholdings and other taxes

·       See how much tax you've collected and paid using GST reports (in both cash and accrual formats)

·       Prepare your BAS using an on-screen form that looks just like the real thing

·       Set up your default tax preferences and GST will be calculated each time you enter a transaction

·       Enter tax inclusive or exclusive amounts - whatever suits you best


System requirements


·       200MHz Intel Pentium processor (or equivalent) with at least 64MB RAM

·        Windows 2000, Windows XP or Windows Vista

·       200MB of Hard disc space

·       16-bit colour, 1024×768 screen resolution

·       CD-Rom Drive

·        Windows-compatibility printer

·       Windows-compatibility mouse or pointing device

Some features require

·       Internet access

·       Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5

·       QuickTime ®

Microsoft Office connection requires

·       Microsoft Word version 8 – 2003

·       Microsoft Excel version 8 – 2003





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