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ABSS (Formerly known as MYOB) RetailManager

RetailManager is an advanced Point of Sale and retail business management solution




·       Fast sales processing

·       Retail business management

·       Manage promotional prices

·       Compatible with most POS hardware

·       Complete inventory management

Streamline your store operations and business management.


ABSS (Formerly known as MYOB) RetailManager:

ü  enables fast sales and customer service

ü  can profile customer information

ü  manages your inventory from end to end and helps manage staff

RetailManager works with most ABSS (Formerly known as MYOB) business management software.

Ideal if you …

o    Want to check your sales and profit drivers at any time

o    Need inventory management

o    Use MYOB accounting software


Features & benefits

Fast sales processing

Speed up your sales processing using ABSS (Formerly known as MYOB) RetailManager:

·       Customise your payment types by changing the order they appear in, disabling ones that your business doesn’t accept, and adding your own custom payment types

·       Record sales with multiple payment types eg, part payment by cash, the remainder on EFTPOS

·       Handle discounts, credit notes, gift vouchers and returns

·       Customise the sale screen to skip un-used fields

·       Generate quotes, sales orders and customer special orders

Retail Business management

·       Export your sales and receipt summaries to ABSS (Formerly known as MYOB) Accounting and Premier

·       Assess turnover, revenue and gross profit on each line in real time

·       Generate sales reports: daily, monthly, by customer and by period

·       Produce profit reports: by category, product, custom fields, supplier and discounting

·       Create supplier reports: indent order, net purchases, what needs ordering and what’s on order

·       Create customer reports: aged debtors, credit notes outstanding, customer list, customer mailing labels, purchase statements, customer survey, debtors report, lay-by, who’s buying, lay-by debtors, customer payments and a customer price list

·       Generate staff reports: detailed sales and commission daily, weekly, monthly

·       Manage multiple floats

Manage promotional prices

Using ABSS (Formerly known as MYOB) RetailManager you can run and manage as many sales promotions as you need. You can:

·       Adjust prices by value or by margin

·       Mark up or mark down by item, department or category

·       Create promotions that start and end automatically in the future or at a certain date or time

·       Handle multiple promotions at any one time

·       Report promotion performance and activities

Complete inventory management

With ABSS (Formerly known as MYOB) RetailManager you can keep track of your stock:

·       Conduct stocktakes on single items, particular categories, or on all items in your store

·       Use serial numbers to items and record warranty dates upon sale.

·       Print barcode labels for stock items and packing slips to use as checklists

·       Set up low stock level warnings and automatically create purchase orders for stock that has fallen below its minimum quantity

·       Setup special pricing grades for Wholesale or VIP customers or set a promotion to discount certain items over a given time period

·       Configure Packages/Kits which allow you to create one master item which includes a number of other items as components. Great for bottleshops or tobacconists





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