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ABSS (Formerly known as MYOB) Premier

Manage the most complex medium-sized business.


ABSS (Formerly known as MYOB) Premier & ABSS (Formerly known as MYOB) Premier Plus are IRAS Compliant

Listed in IRAS’ Accounting Software Register



·       Analyse your business in greater detail

·       Access your accounts on a network

·       Handle foreign currency transactions and accounts

Ideal if you ...

ü  Import and export goods and services or have accounts overseas

ü  Have two or more employees working on the accounts


Features & benefits

Analyse your business in greater detail

·       Print reports required by your accountant - Profit & Loss Statement, Balance Sheet, Trial Balance, General Ledger Detail and Statement of Cash Flows

·       Control and review the performance of your business cost centres (your departments, divisions, offices and stores) and produce financial statements and other reports

·       Print job profit and loss statements

·       Send reports to Microsoft Excel from MYOB Premier

·       Send reports to your accountant by email or fax

Gain insight into your business with over 200 reports and charts using information from across your business.

Filter or customise these reports to show information the way you want it. Drill down from your reports to review the transactions the reports are based on and learn more about your business.


Access your accounts over a network

·       You can run ABSS (Formerly known as MYOB) Premier on a standard Windows peer-to-peer network

·       Track who enters transactions or makes changes to your company file

·       Set up password-protected user profiles to control what your users see, access and report on

Premier gives multiple people access to business information at the same time. This multi-user capability saves your accounts personnel from being interrupted with requests for information about inventory, sales, accounts, creditors etc.

Please note: some features (eg backing up, importing and exporting) require single-user access for security and file integrity reasons.


Handle foreign currency transactions and accounts

·       Convert amounts into foreign currencies or your local currency using the Currency Calculator to

·       Print reports in foreign currencies

·       Assign a default currency to each customer and supplier

Record transactions in foreign currencies and keep track of realised and unrealised exchange rate gains and losses.

Track bank accounts held in foreign currencies and view your accounts receivable and accounts payable in Australian dollars as well as in the foreign currency.


ABSS (Formerly known as MYOB) Premier System Requirements


·       Windows® 10

·       Windows® 8.1

·       Windows® 7

·       Microsoft® Internet Explorer

·       Microsoft Office Microsoft Word 2003 to 2013 (for OfficeLink compatibility), 32-bit

·       Microsoft Excel 2003 to 2013 (for OfficeLink compatibility)

·       Microsoft Outlook 2003 to 2013, 32-bit

HARDWARE (RECOMMENDED                 

·       Intel core 2 Duo @ 1GHz (or more)

·       4GB RAM or more

·       Minimum 2GB free hard disk for program installation

·       Monitor with 1024 X 768 screen resolution, 32-bit colour






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